Year One in 39 seconds

Using the app “1 Second Everyday” I made this video montage highlight reel of Miri’s first trip around the sun, condensed to 39 seconds.


That almost looks like walking…

A few small steps…

(Sorry I couldn’t embed the video in the post, you’ll have click above to go to Flickr)

Here is yet another example where we are quickly learning that what may have worked for our 12-pound dachshunds is not going to work for parenting our human child. Note to self: need a better baby-gate.

And no, I refuse to acknowledge that this girl is walking because when that happens, we are all in trouble.

Miriam bounces

Apparently, these baby jumperoo contraptions don’t come in a muted, mid-century modern design esthetic. Believe me, I looked. And looked. The baby-toy-making people must have done exhaustive research and concluded that only bright-colored garish, crazy-looking plasticky toys will amuse babies, because it certainly seems true. Miri loves this thing. She reaches, she grabs, she stares, she bats at things. And today she’s just figured out how to bounce around, so double the fun! So I’ve set aside my design sensibilities for the time being, since this crazy thing amuses her so much. After all, she’ll only be a little thing for a short period of time…then I’ll have decades to enjoy my Eames chair.