I love vaccines

It isn’t officially fall until we’ve gotten our flu shots. I got mine at work last week, and this morning I took the girls to our provider’s office to get theirs. Daphne handled it like a champ, and though Mimi was psyched up, she lost it when she realized it was going to be in her arm. It was her first shot in her arm, I was a bit surprised myself. But, she recovered immediately upon seeing the toy prize bin.


A Day in the Life – 9.19.14

Last year I read about a Day in the Life Photo Challenge, and although I couldn’t get it together to join the Flickr group and post my photos on the right day, I did my own challenge on September 20, 2013. It was just an ordinary day at home for Miri and I, during my maternity leave. I hoped to be able to do it again every six months but here we are, one year later, and I finally remembered to do it. So on September 19 I documented our ordinary day together, trying to take at least one photo every hour. Admittedly, it’s a fairly mundane documentary unless you have a burning desire to know how a 13-month-old spends her days. I remember to take photos of the milestones and big events in Miri’s life, but these “ordinary” days fly by,  merge into each other, and change so fast. I’m glad I’ll have a snap shop of the every-day things.

It’s hard work being a waddler toddler…

2014-09-19 09.15.43


there are boring errands to the post office…


2014-09-19 09.40.27

and then grocery shopping, trying to make healthy choices…

2014-09-19 10.58.22

Then you have to try to put all those groceries away, thank goodness Ted is always willing to lend a paw…

2014-09-19 12.07.07

But lunchtime is always a blast!

2014-09-19 15.05.17

It’s important to make sure that Ardie gets his exercise too…

2014-09-19 16.25.01

Is Daddy home yet?

2014-09-19 16.36.07

Yard work is never done.

2014-09-19 16.57.45

Nothing is funnier than tummy zerbers and tickles from Daddy!

2014-09-19 18.35.24

…then we have to read stories to Daddy before bed.

See the all the photos from our day on in my Flickr album.


The magic of poutine

I’m of two minds about Miri’s walking: one, she can walk whenever the hell she wants to walk, whenever she’s ready. She’s fine, and normal, and it’s no big deal. No one ever didn’t get in to MIT because they weren’t walking by 12 months. But then the outside world (i.e. other mombies and babies) encroaches on my bubble and I see other babies younger than Miri walking, and their mamas smugly say, “Oh enjoy it while you can! Because once they’re walking…” and I wonder if Miri is going to be like the family in Turkey that walks on all fours.

Today I was putting away clothes in Miri’s room and she just wandered in, then continued walking across the floor like it was nothing. About twelve steps. I think it was the poutine she had for lunch. That stuff has magical powers.

Speaking of food, I’m having internal conflict between the me who doesn’t share food and the me who is so proud of Miri eating everything. Yesterday for lunch she devoured a veggie masala burger with hummus, then had a chicken verde tamale and some California rolls for dinner. For lunch today we shared poutine then she stole some tomatoes and avocado out of my salad. She is the only person in existence who can reach over and take food off my plate without even asking and not get the side-eye from me. Because Rose doesn’t share food. To be completely honest, the best part about her eating everything is that it makes less work for this Lazy Mom. But it’s also pretty cute watching her deconstruct a sushi roll. I’d show you a picture, but, that would be a photo of a baby with food on her face, and I don’t do that.

2014-08-24 14.10.46-1

Ear infections and other myths

A few days ago, Matt said that he suspected Miri had an ear infection. I was a little shaken by this, as she’s never had an ear infection. I have always assumed that ear infections, like teething, were just excuses that parents made for their babies crankiness. And so far, Miri is weathering teething like a champ, so I figure it doesn’t really hurt that bad *ducking*. Miri was tugging at her ear a bit, and as she’s been picking up various daycare viruses all month, so I took her in to the pediatrician just to have a look. Fortunately, both ears looked fine, it was probably just a bit of congestion clearing up from one of her many viruses over the past month. This kid is actively challenging my entire believe system. What’s next, she’ll be telling me god ISN’T dead?

She’s already busy writing her manifesto.

2014-07-28 16.45.30-1

Please spend more money on your baby.

Babies and their gear can get pretty expensive, so I think I’ll spend a few hundred more dollars on her. We’re flying to San Diego in a few months, and we bought Miri a seat and we’re bringing her car seat on board.

Since the FAA is not yet requiring that infants under two ride in their own seat, in a restrained in a safety device on airplanes, it is left up to parents to make that decision. And while I believe there eleventy-billion ways to parent and most of them are probably right, and how you parent your own child is your own business, there are few things I just can’t abide. This includes breakfast burritos, any Tom Hanks movies post-1998, and lap babies on airplanes. The FAA requires all children over two years old to have their own seat, and even warns against lap babies for infants under two, stating on its Child Safety website, “the safest place for your child on an airplane is in a government-approved safety restraint system (CRS) or device, not on your lap.  Your arms aren’t capable of holding your child securely, especially during unexpected turbulence.” An unrestrained infant becomes a deadly projectile in the event of turbulence or a crash. Just this past February, a United flight from Denver to Billings experienced such severe turbulence that an infant was thrown from its mother’s arms. In 1994 USAir flight 1016 landing at Charlotte experienced a microburst and crashed upon landing. Thirty-seven passengers died, two of them infants. The babies had been riding in their parents’ laps, were thrown upon impact, then died in the fire. Their parents walked off unscathed. Following this accident and the ensuing NTSB investigation, the Board recommended to the FAA that children under the age of two be restrained during takeoff, landing and during turbulence.  While the FAA conducted tests of child safety restraints, it has yet to do anything other than simply recommend their use. That was in 1995.

I used to think that since having kids was probably pretty hard, parents should take advantage of whatever perks they could. Kids eat free, drive in the carpool lane, board planes first, save money on an airplane seat as long as you can. But once I started reading about car seat safety, and then infant safety on planes, I realized that just because the FAA doesn’t require infants to be restrained, it doesn’t mean they are safe on your laps. I’m a safety freak in most things, so now that I know this I can’t take that risk with Miri.

My other reason for buying her a seat on the plane is that she is simply the squirmiest, squirrelliest, wiggliest baby. She is only still when she’s sleeping, and then only for a few moments at a time as she does crib gymnastics in her sleep. Trying to hold her on your lap is an exercise in futility. You will wind up with a Glasgow kiss, your hair pulled, your eyeballs poked, a black eye, and your eardrums ruptured from her frustrated shrieks. She is much happier sitting in her car seat, even if I have to hold my iPad in front of her and press repeat on Daniel Tiger ad finitum. Other passengers and their eardrums will thank me. So yeah, my motives are also quite selfish and for my own convenience, I do admit.

To Miriam on Father’s Day

Dear Miriam,

You’re too little this year to understand holidays, let alone make a make card or buy Daddy a tie, so I’m going to let you in a little secret: You got pretty lucky in the Daddy department. I thought becoming your mom was the best thing ever, but to be honest one of the very best things about having you is getting to watch your Dad become your Daddy. You’ll have moments as you grow up, when you might think that he’s unfair because you can’t stay up late to watch TV, or he’s mean because you have to do your chores, or even heartless because he doesn’t approve or your latest crush. But through all that, always remember that this guy loves you more than anything in the world, you are the most important thing in his world, and he will do anything for you. He loves you to the moon and back, and you bring him more happiness everyday than anything else, even his scotch collection.

On the day you were born, the first person you saw when you opened your eyes was your Daddy. He never left your side when they took you to the nursery to be weighed, then he helped give you your first bath. He got up every time you did at night in those first weeks and months, if only to help change your diaper. He misses you all day when he’s at work and we always talk about what kind of little girl you’re going to be, and all the things he wants to do with you as you get bigger. Whenever we take you anywhere, he wants to carry you or push the stroller because he’s so proud of you.  This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship that will last forever, and I’m so excited to stand on the sidelines and watch it develop. My words are inadequate to explain how much Daddy loves you, so here are some of my favorite pictures from the last ten months. Warning: photo bomb ahead!









2014-05-05 18.22.59



2014-05-11 16.44.34

2014-05-17 13.45.42