Hand, Foot, Mouth, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

First, they said, “Don’t worry, adults won’t get it.” But then I came down with a high fever, followed by a painful rash all over my hands and feet…and then Matt was struck by the same thing. Then they said, “Don’t worry, you can only get it once.” But then…

Miriam had a mysterious fever this weekend, spiking to 103.9 on Saturday night. Her little body radiated heat and she moaned/cried in misery while I frantically called the nurse line at Children’s Hospital. She slowly improved on Sunday, still needing some Tylenol but overall feeling much better. She slept really well Sunday night and woke up afebrile this morning. And then…I saw it. The little red bumps all over her bum, and upon closer inspection, a few on her knees, hands, and feet. Even a few on her lips and in her mouth. Hand Foot Mouth Disease, round two.

This time she seems to have a sore throat because she’s not into eating at all, except for bottles of milk. I got her to eat a few bites of oatmeal this morning, a cheese stick this afternoon, and finally at dinner she had some rice and chickpeas.

No one has said, “Don’t worry, you can’t get it a third time” but I wouldn’t believe them anyway. Fingers crossed Matt and I dodge it this time…

2014-10-20 16.15.39


A pox upon our house

Last weekend we went out of town for a night and left little M with her grandparents, and all was wonderful. Of course I worried about her constantly, but I was able to relax enough to enjoy myself. We got to eat hot meals simultaneously, go to a movie (in a the-ATE-er!), take naps, and sleep in. We even ate ice cream cream for breakfast.

2014-06-22 11.18.05

Why are these parents so happy? They are clueless!

Miri got to spend lots of quality time with her grandparents, go play in the baby park at the mall, and probably ate ice cream for breakfast too although Grandma and Grandpa are smart enough not to document that. However, she woke up kind of fussy and clingy on Sunday morning, and by the time we got home around noon she was listless, whimpering, and burning up with a fever of 103.4. She’s been a pretty robust kid so far, so it was terrifying seeing her so sick. I called the nurse line, gave her tylenol, and lots of snuggles ensued.

Sick baby snuggles.

Sick baby snuggles.

After a second dose of tylenol, her temp had only decreased to 101, and she hadn’t really pepped up, so off we went to Urgent Care. They basically weren’t able to do or say much, as I expected, but at least we got a professional opinion that “She’s not dying,” which is what I needed to hear. She was fighting some virus and it would have to run its course.

More sick baby snuggles, in the waiting room.

More sick baby snuggles, in the waiting room.

By the next morning, her fever was coming down and she was a bit more like her usual self.

Cheeky girl, feeling good enough to eat peanut butter toast

Cheeky girl, feeling good enough to eat peanut butter toast

By that afternoon, I noticed a raised, maculopapular rash across her knees and starting on the soles of her feet and her bum. I quickly consulted Dr. Google then called her ped’s office. They confirmed it was likely Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, a viral illness. The rash would just run it’s course, and fortunately it didn’t seem to bother her. The next day her hands, bum and entire legs were covered in this rash but she was her usual happy self. The ped’s office nurse assured that most adults have already been exposed to the virus as children, so it was unlikely Dad or I would get it. Famous last words.

A few days later, I was feeling achey, headachey, and just run down. I checked my temp, and was 101. You guessed it…I must be one of those lucky adults who was not exposed to this as a kid. After a few days of flu-like fevers, fatigue and malaise, a tell-tale red, raised rash erupted on my hands. Just as that happened, Matt noticed that he wasn’t feeling so well either…you see where this is going now, huh?

It’s amazing that this rash didn’t bother Miri at all, because OH MY GAWD is it painful! My hands are on fire, and now my feet hurt with every step. I can’t do a thing, because my hands are basically useless…every little touch sends prickly heat through my fingertips. It’s not like I took having two fully functioning hands for granted before, but I kind of did, considering how completely humbling it is to not be able to DO. Especially with a squirmy ten-month-old cruising around… On the up side? It was a useful distraction from the case of mastitis I simultaneously developed. Yep, at the Rivett house it’s go-big-or-go-home.