Say aye to the dress

I’m very very happy and excited and thrilled to be getting married to my favorite person and best friend. I can’t wait. But, first there’s this whole wedding thing, which entails a bit of planning. And as much as I scoff at huge elaborate weddings planned years in advance, it turns out that at least a few months lead-time is kind of necessary for sufficient planning, even for a semi-eloping-destination wedding such as ours. That said, we’re trying to keep it simple as possible, so the planning isn’t too stressful. Which is a good thing, but I’m not a party-planner. I do love planning vacations and travel however. I don’t even usually like parties or gatherings, too many people for my comfort zone. Not to mention I’m distinctly uncomfortable being the center of attention, and being the bride that is sort of unavoidable at one’s own wedding. But using the interwebs and email alone, I must say I’ve done a pretty good job so far: We’ve been engaged for one month, and we’ve set the date, sent out save-the-dates (online of course, cheap and easy! I mean eco-friendly. Yep, that’s it.) I’ve booked the wedding ceremony venue (nothing fancy, just a wee castle), our accommodation (same castle), a photographer, and a piper. I found and booked an officiant to marry us (yes, the whole thing will be legal and recognized in the US), she’s a humanist celebrant. She has been absolutely lovely to work with! She lives just a few miles from the castle we’re getting married in, and it turns out she was married there herself so it will be quite special to her. She recommended the photographer and piper and negotiated good deals for us, so I was able to confirm their availability through her. All that’s left, for the time being, are booking airline flights and the reception (“wedding breakfast,” as the Scots would say) venue. Little things like flowers and kilt hire can be done later on.

Oh yeah, and The Dress.

If you haven’t already picked up on it, the overall theme for the wedding is SIMPLE. Well, and Scotland and castles and whisky. So of course I’m thinking I want a very simple dress. I do NOT want to look like a cupcake, or a cake topper. No strapless ballgowns, no trains, no blingity-bling. Maybe lace, maybe a simple sheath style, maybe something vintage…all while being something appropriate for  a castle. Not a tall order, right? I’m pretty sure those are famous last words uttered by every bride-to-be as she embarks on the Dress Shopping Adventure. I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for but I’ll know it when I see it….right?

Lace, simple, ivory, cap sleeves (have to be added)…all things I thought I wanted. But it just didn’t seem to work. Can’t put my finger on it.

After the first couple of dress stores, I do have a much better idea of what I don’t want. No v-necks (too much cleavage!), no strapless (I hate exposing my shoulders. I must have weird Amish blood in me or something). Although one of my favorite gowns was strapless…simply confusing me even more.

Mum says, "A train? Really?"

If I went strapless I could always wear a little shrug or bolero jacket…hey, I could even knit one!

But…then I found the tartan gown. I snickered at first, but kept coming back to it…it is certainly fairly unique, and an ivory lace knit shrug would be nice with it…

Just some tartan thoughts to ponder. So, no decision on the dress yet. Still shopping.


Maui, top ten

I used to blog pretty thoroughly and frequently when I traveled, aiming to put up a post a day as a travelogue. Obviously I didn’t do that from my last trip to Hawaii, but my excuse is that not enough happens on a daily basis in Hawaii in order to justify daily postings. But in terms of a trip to Hawaii, that’s a good thing…because the whole point of going to Hawaii is to relax and do as little possible. Which I proudly accomplished while we were in Maui. So in lieu of a daily posting I’m going to bring you a Top Ten Best Things about Maui.

1. Snorkeling with sea turtles.

On our previous trip to Kauai, I didn’t see any sea turtles, and I was gutted. I have always loved the big turtles. On this trip, the very first time we went out snorkeling I saw THREE. I nearly followed one out to deep ocean if Matt hadn’t reeled me back in. The way they just float and drift, unhurried but deliberate, I wanted to follow them back to their caves and curl up for nap with them. I could tell they totally wanted to be friends with me too.

2. Haleakala “crater”

Our drive to the top of this mountain, at 10000 feet above sea level, was breathtaking. The landscape up there was other-worldly, my favorite kind of landscape. I have to note that it’s not actually a crater, it’s a valley created by erosion. But someone without any knowledge of geography thought it looked a lot like a crater, and the name stuck.

3. Sunshine. Every day. All day.

4. Ocean waves. Constantly crashing on the beach, the soundtrack in our condo.

5. Naps. Daily requirement.

6. Mai tais. Also daily requirement.

7. Wearing loose flowing floral dresses is pretty much a requirement.

8. Big Bang Theory. Okay, this technically has nothing to do with Maui but we started watching it while we were there and became instantly addicted.

9. Luau! See previous post.

10. Oh yeah, and this is pretty awesome too:

I said yes, of course.